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Karl H
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transport in my dotage

being an old fart who passed their driving test in the mid 80s I am really looking forward to self driving cars.

This side of not having a job like Jezza Clarkson and his mates have still got mucking around on a test track, driving to me is just a chore.

Plus with self driving cars a lack of automotive mobility in dotage is not something I'll have to worry about. (I'll probably have other mobility problems, primarily caused by sitting down in front of a computer too much in my middle age )

The standard of driving I saw on a recent tour of England just leads me to believe self driving cars can only be a good thing. Admittedly most other drivers were pretty good, but there is always a small minority of idiots who really should just volunteer themselves to be crash test dummies at Thatcham.

Its now looking like well get self driving cars before self driving trains. Which is just plain unbelievable, considering how much easier it is to make self driving trains.

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