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Unified forces

The Electromagnetic force acts upon charge whilst the Weak Atomic force acts upon Flavour so although the Electromagnetic and Weak forces can be said to be unified the forces still differ in their effect and must still be considered to be different forces.

A rough analogy might be to consider the difference between an aircraft and a conveyor belt, where 'force' is defined as the ability to transport things; put something on an aircraft and it'll go somewhere else, put something on a conveyor belt and it too will go somewhere else. There are considerable differences in the characteristics in those two types of transport though; an aircraft is not a conveyor belt, and visa versa.

In the above analogy, the Electroweak unification is a bit like Fed-Ex, which moves stuff around and which needs both conveyor belts and aircraft to do so; just because Fed-Ex exists doesn't mean that aircraft and conveyor belts no longer exist as different entities because they've been combined into airconveyorcraftbelt objects.

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