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Cops break up German sausage fight between pair of Neubrandenburgers


Now if it were leberkase or a Styrofoam tray of bratkartoffeln there would have been no damage apart from a greasy smear. Choose your food weapon carefully. Nearly broke a tooth on one of those metal bloody clips once, could have choked!

Good job it wasn't Switzerland, they’re nearly always packing!

Never understood whilst living there, Ze Germans (in the voice of Jason Stathom) trying to get on a crowded zug before anyone had a chance to get off and just slowed the whole process down, made a bit of a mockery of the trains always being on time IMO.

The concept of queuing, no!!! Not even going to go there!

ich liebe dich, Mein Bester Feind.

Glühwein, Awesome! Andechs Monastery also awesome too.

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