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The fitting of seat-belt mounting points became mandatory in 1968, and cars built between 1965 and 1968 had to have them retrofitted. It was 1983 before it became mandatory to wear them in the front, and 1989 before back seat passengers had to join in. Despite the vast amount of data collected worldwide in the 50s and 60s, it still took the best part of two decades and God knows how many attempts to pass the legislation before it happened. And that's for a basic safety device, rather than anything game changing like steering-wheel-less vehicles with all the liability and insurance issues. So I don't think that any mass-market is going to open up for them within 5 years purely because of the speed with which legislature moves. Possibly there's a market for self-driving taxis in a controlled environment in some progressive car-free towns or business parks, but by 2021 I can guarantee there's not going to be the kind of volume of sales that matches their announcement. I can see a main production model with advanced guidance technology as an optional package, perhaps that's what they mean, and if they'd have said "we will be making this technology available as an option on some of our main production models, operating in all modes as high as local legislation permits" I'd not be laughing, I'd be nodding and saying, yes, I can see that happening.

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