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Microsoft to overhaul Windows 10 UI – with a 3D Holographic Shell

David Lawton

Why can Microsoft not understand that their GUI's are getting worse , more cluttered, and them having simple interfaces are making things harder to use and to just give us back what the majority seem to want, the XP style start menu. This all started with XP, but at least in that OS you could quickly make it more Windows 2000 style. For example first time you run Control Panel on XP you will get a messy 'Simple Control Panel', one click in the top right and you can select Classic and it stays as Windows 2000 style Classic ( Same in Vista and 7). With file sharing, they introduced 'Simple File Sharing' which made things harder, but with one click i can enable normal file sharing Windows 2000/NT 4 style so i can actually get on with things.

Windows Vista and 7 were worse than XP but were tolerable and you could learn to adjust things to make it act like previous versions and at least had the shiny Areo interface to make things look pleasant. (But still i want a Windows 2000 GUI).

Windows 8.0 was a complete train wreck, and 8.1 practically as bad.

Then we have Windows 10 with its schizophrenic GUI stupid tiles and still so bad people download Classic Shell

Why are Microsoft so out of touch GUI wise? Its not frickin hard. So they are working on a new GUI for holographic interface?! They need to get back to Windows 10 and fix the GUI mess they have made there first!

I'm so glad i explored Linux a few years ago and also got a Mac so i rarely have to suffer the sh*t MS pump out now. No wonder Nadella pleaded with people to love Windows again, its an ugly monster now.

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