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Physicists believe they may have found fifth force of nature

Ken Hagan Gold badge

I believe the pedantry is correct, but old habits die hard.

As far as I know, the unification between EM and weak is undisputed amongst those who can do the maths but any further unification between EW and strong is possible in several different ways and we haven't yet got the evidence to tell us which one of the candidates (if any) is the right one. (Isn't that why CERN keep looking for super-symmetric partners?) So there are (currently) 3 fundamental forces.

Despite that, I think it is true to say that everyone talks about the 4 fundamental forces, even if they are working at CERN and know full well that there are only 3. Based on previous physics-y threads on these forums I'm almost certain that there are regular commentards who work at CERN, so if I'm wrong then I expect to be enlightened about current practice.

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