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To all the naysayers above: it's not a horrible VR headset they're talking about, it's look-through AR. You should still be able to see through the UI to reach your coffee.

Ah, wonderful, so you agree with me that this is a covert way for Microsoft to get us to leave our cameras online in confidential areas or in our homes, because something will have to pick up that real world data, won't it? Admittedly, that's more clever than Google Glass because that was WAY too obvious (and by that I include the almost fanatic aversion to discussing the privacy implications).

It's almost like there three separate parts to Microsoft:

- a department with smart people (mainly hired to deprive other companies of their talents) that do weird and wonderful things and even occasionally invent something that could help with security;

- a marketing department that uses the above invented gadgetry to make Windows look cool and innovative on the golf course (nowadays with limited success, thankfully);

- a coding department that flatly ignores both of the above and has not developed anything new since Windows ME, it just spends its time tweaking GUIs and reluctantly resolve an item from a long list of cockups when they get really, really bored or when it threatens to harm profits too much.

On top of that a management where the main conditions for joining must be:

- having sold your soul to Mammon

- have no residual ethics at all

- considering customers the way governments do voters: a mass of idiots, ready to be milked.

Whenever I hear the word "Microsoft" and "innovation" in the same sentence without a negative somewhere, I *know* that whoever is speaking is lying through their teeth.

And using Powerpoint.

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