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Yeah, this is pretty cool... but kind of a solution in search of a problem. I guess gaming is pretty natural application, but not sure what you would do with this thing beyond gaming... even with gaming, they would have to do HD with a crazy high refresh rate in order to make it work. They could fix Cisco's weak Telepresence with some sort of VR meeting room, but I'm not sure they could nail that where it would be a leap forward from Google Hangouts, Skype, and so forth. The annoying thing about the VR meeting is that people might want to use it and then you won't be able to do other things while the meeting is going on. Who even uses video on web conferencing apps? Other than gaming, people don't enjoy being "immersed". They want to do three things at once.... I think Google is more likely to be the winner here with their $5 cardboard VR box and a smartphone vs a $3,000 headset.

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