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August 7th 1945: This nuclear bomb stuff has good momentum due to Hiroshima.

1995: This Los Del Rio outfit have good momentum due to Macarena.

Virtual Reality is not new and in the 30 years that it has been around it has never achieved anything other than niche applications.

When it comes to Augmented Reality, first of all there is no such thing. To augment something is to make that thing greater in size. When you augment your income you have more income. When you augment a military force, you add more military force. Augmented Reality doesn't make REALITY any bigger or add any additional reality. The virtual [sic] additions are not real.

Augmented Perception would be nearer the mark.

But whatever you want to call it, it is a specific (i.e. niche) application of what we already had - Virtual Reality. How so ? Simple: Where "VR" creates and renders an ENTIRE world model, "SCAR" (So Called AR) takes a pre-existing model of reality (either fixed or based on observed/sensed reality) and then adds and super-imposes new virtual extensions to that model.

In 30 years VR only ever found niche applications and I will confidently predict that AR will similarly only find even smaller niche applications (which doesn't mean that those niche applications won't be massively commercially successful).

Video games are arguably the most successful application of VR.

Just about every video game under the sun is a "virtual reality". Just because a 3D stereoscopic render and/or headset isn't involved doesn't change the fact that there is a complete virtual reality modelled and rendered within which the player "exists" for the purposes of the gameplay.

There may be a huge market for AR games. But this doesn't necessarily herald a new dawn of AR in every aspect of our lives.

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