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LEP (CDT->Samsung now being mismarketed as "OLED") displays offer greater dynamic range because they're emissive rather than transmissive... so when a pixel is off it emits no light and that "black" you referred to is actually black. Unlike LCD type displays which try to filter out as much of the backlight as possible to make what they pass off as "black." 100% filtering isn't possible so "black" isn't black. Googling "IPS glow" should give you some pretty extreme illustrations.

Similarly LEP panels offer vastly superior colour gamut because each subpixel emits its (comparatively pure) primary... rather than (partially successfully) attempting to filter out the right amount of the unwanted primaries from a visually "white" backlight. 100% filtering isn't possible so saturation as pure as the shitty backlights could offer isn't even achievable.

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