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"Of course you are correct that I could write my own DTP software for Linux, or just wait. In either case that sounds like decades of waiting."

Yeah, some thing HAVE taken decades to show up. Some DO require corporate backing and sometimes there aren't enough voices to make a corporation listen. Some companies will just flat-out never code for Linux due to personal bias.

To go a bit more specific to myself, the Linux CAD/CAM world will probably never see a copy of Mastercam, or Solidworks, or actually any of the major applications. There's no real interest on the Linux side to re-create a set of programs of this size and scope, and very little incentive for the software companies to write for Linux. It's just not going to happen.

I cannot change that and so Windows is still a valuable tool.

Sure, some things can run under Wine, some flakey others well. It's not a solution most folks are looking for though. Maybe a few more decades will change that too, who knows? I wasn't denying that there's some things that aren't resolved, just stating there's many things that are.

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