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I can test and report and I can donate. I can also write emails trying to persuade someone with skill why they might care about a certain feature (okay, usually not with any real effect, but asking politely doesn't hurt anyone) Oddly enough almost all the features I have wanted have turned up eventually, it just took time for someone who had the same goals as me but better skills to turn up.

Which is why I was a beta tester for Adobe FrameMaker on Linux. It never went beyond beta and the beta timed out in December 2000. Adobe advised us that we would need to purchase FrameMaker for Windows or Mac if we wanted to use the documents we had created after that date,

Of course you are correct that I could write my own DTP software for Linux, or just wait. In either case that sounds like decades of waiting.

Microsoft are driving us away from Windows and the Linuxen drive us away from Linux when they tell us if we want the software to write it ourselves. It doesn't seem to occur to them that programming skills are dissimilar to DTP skills, though both require a considerable investment in time. I suspect my next computer will be a Mac.

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