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Business users force Microsoft to back off Windows 10 PC kill plan

Asok Asus

just a "few systems". Yeah, right.

"we recognize that, in some instances, customers have a few systems that require longer deployment timeframes.”

Yeah, just a "few systems", right Microsoft, say like maybe a couple of dozen? Which is why you graciously agreed to support W7 & W8 on modern processors for several more years, you know, because of just a "few systems"?

bullshit. The PC OEMs MADE you do this because their enterprise, government, and SMB customers told them that they were going to stop buying hundreds of millions of PCs if they couldn't continue to buy W7 & W8, because the enterprise and SMB are simply not going to operate their trillions of dollars of operations with a cell-phone operating system optimized for cell-phone apps, cell-phone apps that don't even exist in the Windows world and never will anyway.

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