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Business users force Microsoft to back off Windows 10 PC kill plan


The press release seems to say that OEMs have backed down. They're paying for it.

So I followed the link you gave us

and I see a different story than the article gives:

"For each of the supported systems listed on the OEM pages, the OEM has committed to additional testing, regular validation of Windows Updates, and publishing drivers and firmware for Windows 10 on Windows Update which will help unlock the security and power management benefits of Windows 10 once the systems are upgraded."

That is, the OEMs have backed down. They're paying for special support by writing the drivers and doing the necessary testing. That is how I read what the press release says.

But oh no, the hardware types have got to bash MS.

As I explained to the MS bashing hardware types, regardless of what hardware sales executives like to say, it is not MS's business to sell computers.

'Gosh' knows, if your customers decided en mass that preferred (or at least were prepared to tolerate) Linux you'd en mass ditch MS and install Linux.

Any failure to sell hardware is hardware vendors fault. Especially since hardware vendors have their choice of multiple operating system vendors.

PC and hardware isn't selling because hardware is not providing new useful features that make old hardware obsolete. A smaller desktop computer does not mean the desk itself can be any smaller. And in a typical office switching from florescent to LED lighting will save much more energy at much less cost than going from a Core i3-nnn to a Core i3-5nnn.

Hardware vendors will shortly find their laptop and phone sales declining for the same reason, although not declining as much because portable stuff is much more likely to physically break.

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