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Russia is planning to use airships as part of a $240bn transport project

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No reason it couldn't work

The engineering needed is challenging but not that exceptional, and both materials and monitoring systems have come a long way since the Hindenburg. While Helium will probably be chosen, there is no reason why hydrogen could not be handled safely. In many ways hydrogen is less dangerous than petrol because any spillage disappears PDQ. The reason airships have not been developed is that there is not a great need for them in the developed World, but they make a lot of sense when it is required to carry freight to/from areas with no ground infrastructure - you can deliver to exactly where the cargo is needed rather than requiring roads, rail or canals from an airport.

Hot hydrogen or hot helium would make sense to increase lifting capacity, the heating perhaps being provided by the waste heat from engines. Lift management and trim en-route is then achieved by a combination of cooling the gas in the envelope, and if that is insufficient, compressing it into high-pressure cylinders.

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