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He hasn't been CEO for five years, so using the five year stock price gain is kind of silly. If all he does is stop Microsoft from wasting billions on failed acquisitions like Nokia and Acquantive, he'll be a big improvement over Ballmer even if the consumer Windows business starts sagging due to the overall PC sales slump.

The enterprise customers are already on subscription, and pay whether or not they upgrade to 10, so I really don't know why Microsoft feels they need to hurry them off older versions. The idea that customers buying Skylake PCs (i.e. just about any sold these days) would have only a year to upgrade them to 10 is ludicrous. Whoever came up with that plan has no idea how large enterprises manage their PC upgrades. Looking at how long it took them to get off XP should have been all the education they needed to see that this idea would never fly.

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