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Business users force Microsoft to back off Windows 10 PC kill plan



on a serious note though I worry about this, my aging old pc q6600 with 4gb of ram can and does run everything apart from the latest games with ease. Office, photoshop, adobe you name it it runs well.

I am however building a new new pc (i7 6700k, 32gb ram etc) not for any office or buisiness application but purely for gaming. This is where ms have people by the balls, because they wont release DX12 for windows 7. Its also why I think they were pulling this with skylake cpu's. Gamers are the first stream adpoters for new tech, they drive the bleeding edge, if they all start getting windows 10 it lends credibility to the OS. New KabyLake cpus will be locked to windows 10 as well.

What we really needs to happen is steam to get more momentum behind linux gaming (they have done an amazing job so far) they more users will switch, then as linux starts to become a serious competitor we for desktop os to MS we will see Office getting released on linux, once that happens then the fun would really beging because MS will have to adapt or die on the desktop os side.

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