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Microsoft start listening to people outside your bubble

Microsoft need some people outside their over excited bubble, anyone following when this news was released earlier in the year, realised it was a ridiculous proposition in the timeframe they were quoting.

Linux Mint 18 (as one example) has past a point where the Linux desktop is both easier to install/cheaper to maintain for certain scenarios, but convention for some reason (MS big marketing budgets v zero marketing budget for Linux) keeps everyone using Microsoft.

The trouble for Microsoft, is that 'convention' gets severely eroded and questioned everytime Microsoft get over excited and start sprouting ridiculous propositions regarding cutting short Windows 7 support on certain platforms, because we know equally that can apply to Windows 10, looking forward. Face it MS, you're not Apple's model (yet) with only 5-6 platforms to support, live with it, stop feeling hard done by having to support a wider install base.

Microsoft by making things ever more difficult, there are plenty of good alternatives that look more attractive every day.

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