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More likely, someone in marketing is saying, "If only we'd pushed Harder, we'd have hit that billion mark!"

Indeed. And now they've further fragmented their user base because of the unpopularity of W10. Having failed to understand that most users want a W7 style UI and launcher, they've resolutely pushed on with the fugliness of W8, retrenched a tiny and unsatisfactory degree for W10 (so any sane user still needs a third party shell launcher add on), the overall feel is a dogs dinner, and then they overlay that with a ground zero strike on user privacy. So in addition to the user base fragmentation, they STILL have billions of man hours of work to make W10.2 coherent and attractive for users. Hey boys and girls, THAT'S why W10 take up has been poor: The PRODUCT IS CRAP. And that's because you intentionally made it crap. You didn't have to, but you worked at it, and boy did you succeed.

My forecast is that despite the obvious success they could have from fixing the W10 defects, they won't do that. This is death by a thousand cuts. Just as Nokia Phones died of asphyxiation up their own behind (before Elop arrived), Microsoft are emulating that navel-gazing-from-the-inside strategy, as the influential employees destroy long term value whilst pursuing their own personal interests and ignoring long term investor interests, or what customers want. Back in 1995 that worked for lack of competition. Post 2010 it is an inelegant form of corporate suicide.

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