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When your starting pay is $85K+ a year, you have to have some requirements. I have also worked for large companies that would hire almost anyone, and with lower GPAs 3.0+. They had a different issue, basically a lot of dead weight.

Per the GPA requirement above, the GPA above was not from an international school. They were from US schools. So do I hire someone with a high GPA that gives my company a better chance of winning than taking a risk on someone who wanted to party every weekend or spend time playing their XBOX?

But the real issue still comes down to "Where are these engineers I am supposed to hire?" Even talking to the professors at the schools, they don't exist. Even caucasian grads are getting fewer. Wish all you want, but go find these people you want me to hire, they don't exist.

Per the supporting me and my SS, I kind of disagree with you if you want to take the cynical view . These engineers are being taxed at the highest tax bracket now and will not be around later to draw SS.

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