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Italian MP threatens parents forcing veggie diets on kids with jail

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There is of course. What I was getting at in a very bad way was imposing what you believe to be right is wrong. Vegetarians/Vegans/Fruitarians make the decision, daily, to avoid animal products. They're entitled to if that's what they believe. My problem is that those who decide their child should be brought up the same way aren't doing their child any favours. I don't see a problem in a Vegetarian or Vegan providing their child with a balanced diet consisting of meat as well as vegetables and at an age that is appropriate where they can understand what is being said, you can then tell them where the carrots come from and where the lamb shank came from.

I think you are making a category error. Your argument depends on their being a set of default, non-ideological set of lifestyle choices that should be applied to all children until they are mature enough to choose an ideology of their own. I don't think that such a set exists

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