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Italian MP threatens parents forcing veggie diets on kids with jail

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Knuckle dragging bigots out in force, I see

Nice to see one balanced response about whole cultures who are vegetarian by choice and still seem to be surviving and even thriving. As opposed to most commentards who seem to think that being vegetarian is some kind of upper middle class alternative life style.

I noted in passing that all people who eat organic food shop at Waitrose. I assume that nobody buys the stuff available at Lidl, then?

As already pointed out there is plenty of current legislation against child neglect and cruelty. Most often (according to the press) used against parents with morbidly obese children.

Proposing new legislation where existing legislation is more than adequate is just an unscrupulous politician pandering to the brain dead bigots for publicity and votes. Plenty of that in the UK as well.

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