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Italian MP threatens parents forcing veggie diets on kids with jail

bombastic bob Silver badge

"When you've seen a young overweight mum go out get a Mc dogshite meal for an already chubby two year old for the first meal of the day, I honestly felt like a slap was in order but she was a lot bigger than me."

natural selection is harsh. but in the long run, maybe we should just let nature take its course? And for this to work, you can't let the adult grossly-overweight person go on the public teet because "the fat" prevents getting a job...

and let the kids at school do their part, too. fatty-fatty-2-by-four etc. maybe it'll MOTIVATE healthier lifestyle. no, wait... it's not "politically correct"! [society re-enforcing bad behavior again by coddling instead of slapping]

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