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Italian MP threatens parents forcing veggie diets on kids with jail

bombastic bob Silver badge

"Therefore I'm hoping to see parents being banned from forcing..."

other things we should potentially ban parents from 'forcing' or aggressively teaching:

a) a belief in 'man made global warming'

b) voting 'Demo-Rat' (in the USA anyway) or 'socialist' in any form

c) being atheist

d) acting like reverse-racists (i.e. chip-on-shoulder minorities)

e) willingly accepting gummint handouts instead of teaching self-reliance

f) wearing islamic clothing

g) NOT defending yourself against bullies, aggressors, etc.

h) that guns are inherently evil

yes - what if the tables are turned, the 'rubber band is on the OTHER claw', etc. ???

probably best to 'mind our OWN business' instead, like someone else suggested.

[howler-monkey down-voting expected - fling poo while you're at it]

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