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Italian MP threatens parents forcing veggie diets on kids with jail

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Veggie vs. Vegan is not moot, as there are large numbers of missing food groups from the latter, which provide many nutrients.

The change in scientific stance on nutrition is just evidence of the field of science always accepting new ideas and evidence - it self-adjusts. You dismissing that means you dismiss the principles that govern science. It's particularly tricky around food and nutrition as there are so many dicks out there doing all they can to spread misinformation, and you have to take in intolerances and allergies, which are becoming more noticable due to the better diagnosis rates and methods (thanks science).

At no point did the article say that the proposals would jail anyone feeding their kids on a veggie/vegan diet (actually it didnt say anything about that in detail, but I would assume only enacted when a child is hospitalised and the cause found to be related to poor diet).

I didnt read anywhere that they would be doing state menu inspections either. Not entirely sure where you picked that up from, unless it was tin-foil hat mode drawing tin-foil hat conclusions.

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