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Well its not wrong to state that children raised on a VEGAN diet will suffer injury, as there are documented cases about it, which is why this was mooted in the first place! And if it's that hard to get a vegan diet right, that DOES contain everything they need to grow properly, then whats the fuking point?

Note: some major differences between vegan and veggie. The latter being slightly more nutrient rich.

If they fed their children far better than average, we wouldnt have this problem, nor would we have this discussion. Add to this the fact that people's ideologies are stretching into the "batshit insane" category now, and thanks to the internet, we have the dawn of the age of naturopath fuckwits, this is NOT a far stretch, or a bad move on the governments part. It makes absolute sense - if these twatbadgers cant seperate the facts from the bullshit (thanks to the internet/misinformation age), and they refuse to understand in the scientific facts (which is NOT a belief system), then they are unfit to parent and do not deserve that responsibility. Same as some people can be told they are not allowed to own pets.

Disclaimer - I am not saying children are remotely like pets - it was for analogous purposes only.

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