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Italian MP threatens parents forcing veggie diets on kids with jail

AJ MacLeod

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The thing is that government intervention, no matter how well intentioned it may have been, is more often than not a total failure because of varying mixes of incompetence and malice on the part of those implementing it.

Regarding this particular case it's stupid and simply wrong to state that children raised on a vegetarian diet will suffer severe injury as a result and therefore their parents need to be prosecuted. The numbers of children suffering severe injury through poor (and specifically vegetarian) diets are minuscule; such problems are best addressed when said minuscule number of children show up for medical treatment.

The proposal in the article is of a type of idea far too prevalent today - government intrusion into every little detail of family life, including exactly what is served up at each meal and prosecution of those who want to serve up something other than the government approved menu. It's a stupid way to tackle a non-issue, which would end up prosecuting many of those who actually feed their children far better than average.

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