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It is EXTREMELY difficult, though not impossible, for a CHILD to have a healthy vegan diet without taking some supplements.

The problem is that parents think THEIR healthy vegan diet is suitable for their children - and it is not, children need much different nutrition at different stages of their development.

This is an issue in the UK as well, and has been for over two decades; doctors and hospitals in affluent areas seeing children brought in with rickets and other ailments caused by malnutrition.

Not POOR people, but wealthy, chinless, idiots forcing their lifestyle choices on their children without thinking it through.

Yes, it is possible, but it takes research and a lot of planning to get a healthy balance throughout their childhood, I used to know a lad raised this way, and his lunch box was always filled with weird shyt he needed to eat to get what eating a bit of beef, chicken or pork every day could give him.

Obviously, someone it Italy has lost patients with trying to teach the parents to be responsible.

(Waits for down votes from chinless wonders)

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