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Italian MP threatens parents forcing veggie diets on kids with jail


Certainly a lot of fast or highly processed food could be considered to be as equally unhealthy especially for the young but for different reasons.

Do I think people should be punished for this, a resounding NO!

Not likely to catch Bovine spongiform encephalopathy either are the vegies.

When you've seen a young overweight mum go out get a Mc dogshite meal for an already chubby two year old for the first meal of the day, I honestly felt like a slap was in order but she was a lot bigger than me.

Anyone ever watched FOD Foreign object damage, A series of gory documentaries?

The 'Religious' way of killing the animal is shown on livestock and the way chickens and rabbits are processed for the food industry.

The game the men slaughtering the rabbits played was just totally wrong, seeing how many skins you could throw at the wall and get them to stick.

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