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"There's your first mistake. The FB app wants to slurp all your phone data ..."

The other half found out the hard way that the FB app for iOS "helpfully" backs up all the photos on your phone to Facebook. How kind (not)! Even by Facebook standards this is the most monstrous invasion of privacy as the app should only be uploading photos specifically selected for the purpose not quietly deciding to upload the whole bloody lot. Even with the granular permissions of iOS there are still risks to allowing these slurping apps permission to do anything.

@ Charles 9

"Except I believe Facebook paid ABP to get whitelisted."

I'd be surprised at that considering Zuck's claims about ABP and the whitelist charges in the article. That said, have you ever read through the whitelist? After sifting through pages of Google ad slinging and tracking shit I wondered why anyone would allow whitelisted ads to be shown as they do all the creepy tracking that you'd want an ad blocker to prevent.

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