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Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

"our mission.... making the world more open & connected."

*. Does anyone working at Facebook actually believe this? FB is a cult, with the head priest a kind of data-sociopath. Think about it... It would help explain how Zuk sleeps well as night knowing he's really tracking users down to their behavioral DNA.

*. Why else would FB sanction experiments to influence user emotion via news feeds! So what's next in connecting the world? Influencing public opinion on a range of issues important to Facebook & its real *paying* users....

*. How long until elections are decided by FB commentary ala Fox-TV-News... Or Government policy... Or Corporate agendas / spin.... Its already happening...

*. But soon it'll be on a whole other level, as 'shared data' (just posts you pause on) are used to re-influence your opinion towards that of Facebook! No tinfoil, its real:

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