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Windows 10 Anniversary Update crashing under Avast antivirus update

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Real Users

Lord, bring on the anti-Windoze rants and raves, the anti-AV rants and ravs, the complaints about all users who aren't superior like ME.

An average user wants to buy a system, not build it, plug it in, and use it.

And that's an entirely reasonable approach.

Which means AV and security stuff built in, and everything set to autoupdate.

Not the admonitions to not click phishing links, to delay updates for weeks or months, to fiddle with firewalls and routers.

I can repair my truck, build my own PC, and even find my way around Apache, but I realize that this is all pretty exceptional.

What is needed in these discussions is less juvenile Windows bashing, and more useful advice on how to make average users' Windows machine safe and functional with little or no user intervention.

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