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Criminals rob banks all the time - does that mean that a bank building is less secure than a greengrocer's shop?.. because, after all, you never hear of a greengrocer's getting robbed.

Security is not a technology issue. The technology is just a tool-kit; it still needs to be used by a human. Windows has all of the same security measures as Linux in place to prevent privilege escalation or out-of-process access, and all the other nasty ways a piece of software can do something that you, as the IT admin, don't want it to do.

But none of these protections really matter, because the easiest way to get malware onto any system, no matter how "secure", is to give the victim step-by-step instructions on how to install it and let them work around the system's security measures for you. Of course, you tell them that they're doing something else (like getting something for free), but the malware gets in there all the same.

And if you target Windows with your ransomware, you've got: 1. a far bigger target population, and 2. a higher likelihood of getting your malware into a company that'll pay the ransom.

I use OSX, Windows10 and Linux daily, and I don't really play favourites, but I do get fairly tired of the insistence from Linux and Mac users that their platform is somehow more secure simply because criminals have no real financial incentive to attack it.

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