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Breaking 350 million: What's next for Windows 10?

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"Regular people are simply scared of an upgrade breaking something and having to learn new things. When they buy a new PC they will not have a choice."

No choice but to accept having to learn about broken software?

What a bleak, dystopian future you envision.

Speaking as a "regular person" (well, I'm not an IT guy at any rate) I'll thank you to not push that nightmare on me. I prefer my software to do it's damned job. That's it's entire point of being, doing things for me that I want it to. It does not exist to serve a corporation or a government. It exists to serve ME.

Hence my reluctance to join the Win10 march of regress. It seems to want to serve Microsoft's shareholders, the Candy-Crush guys and possibly the NSA, I am none of those things and as such do not need that software.

(okay, so all MS software can be expected to serve the shareholders... but it used to stop at the purchase price, now it seems to involve data harvesting and paid solitaire.)

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