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" do you feel about the IDF supplying material, intelligence and medical assistance to ISIS folks who are shot up by Hezbollah?" LOL, I like the fantasy in your post, but please do supply some actual proof to backup that statement. I think you might have been confused by this article where Isreal fulfills its UN obligation to supply humanitarian assistance to the small number of refugees fleeing the fighting into Israel. You may want to consider the following:

1. Giving medical aid to refugees is not the assistance you claimed. During Operation Cast Lead, Israeli hospitals treated wounded Gazans whilst HAMAS was shooting rockets at the very same hospitals.

2. The rebels in the area of Syria next to the Golan being attacked by Hezbollah are actually not ISIS aligned (see the map about half way down this article).

3. The IDF doesn't need the help of anyone to kill Hezbollah in Syria as and when it likes.

4. Syria is technically at war with Israel, so anything the IDF does to help groups fighting Assad is actually legitimate. Having said that, it is highly unlikely any Islamist group would even ask Israel for help, let alone take unsolicited aid from "The Evil Jews", and it is also highly unlikely that Israel would risk the negative publicity of helping ISIS, especially given the poor relationship with Obambi. So your claim of the IDF helping ISIS is just propaganda and complete male bovine manure.

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