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"Select a few files, drag the to an external USB Flash Drive, start copying and then, shutdown the machine."

Suggest you try that on a few other operating systems too.

A 'sudo shutdown -h now' isn't going to wait. You told it now, so does it now.

Proper use if you have multiple users would not be the 'now' however and schedule a shutdown with notification. Funny enough, Windows has that exact functionality and on server versions you are required to specify a reason for shutdown and can give users a chance to log off or even force a log off which will initiate the log off process per user (waiting for certain tasks to complete).

Desktop Windows shutdown has never waited for such things to complete by default.

Still, I think you should blame Microsoft for also corrupting the files when you pull the power lead out of the computer.

"This is basic stuff Microsoft - Utter Shite."

Basic stuff is don't shut down the computer while copying files to USB.

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