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Recent stats, based on what's actually being used online:

* Windows 10 = 19%

* Windows 8.x = 10.5%

* Windows XP = 10%

* Windows 7 = 49%

The Windows XP segment isn't going to shrink very quickly. It clearly consists of users (or applications) that are happy as they are.

Windows 7 still has more (active) users than all other versions combined. These people have relatively new PCs, but didn't want Windows 10 when it was free. They're now going to make a shift only when a new PC purchase can't be postponed any longer - and even then, are likely to reinstall Win7, or jump to Linux.

The Windows 8 holdouts are even more interesting. If Windows 10 couldn't woo them, what will?

Hitting almost 20% in one year is pretty good going for Windows 10, but it's hard to paint it as a resounding victory.

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