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Breaking 350 million: What's next for Windows 10?

bombastic bob Silver badge

"Regular people are simply scared of an upgrade breaking something and having to learn new things. When they buy a new PC they will not have a choice."

you actually SAID that? what a LOW opinion of other humans you must have! We are NOT in an 'idiocracy', yet...

(careful, your arrogance and snobbery are showing)

Aside from the snooty-snob "we *FEEL* we know better than YOU" types at Micro-shaft MAKING! THE! OPERATING! SYSTEM! "that way", we also have SAME-MINDED SYCOPHANTIC FAN-BOIS parroting the SAME! KINDS! OF! ARROGANCE! about "regular people".

And _THAT_ is the point: Micro-shaft is NO longer "have it YOUR way" customer service oriented. They are "CONTROL THE MASSES" oriented. ONLY the *MOST* ARROGANT! of people would even *DARE* to *CONSIDER* doing this kind of thing, and "The Borg" Micro-shaft wants to ASSIMILATE YOU into doing EVERYTHING *THEIR* way so they can LOCK! YOU! IN! forever, and ADVERT! you, and SPY! ON! you, and MONETIZE! you in *EVERY* possible way.

I think 'regular people' are growing *VERY* tired of LOTS of things *KINDS* of things right now... and won't tolerate this much longer.

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