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Thanks for the info. I tried 10 on my laptop just before the 29th. It ran poorly, even after a bunch of tweaks were applied, so I reverted back to 7. I just threw AU on over the weekend to see if it ran better, and it does, but still doesn't seem as responsive as 7. Maybe with a week or so of dicking around with it I could get it to run as well as 7, but now that it appears that I have 10 days or less to roll back, they are forcing my hand. I'll be rolling back tonight once I get home. I tried it on my home desktop PC a month ago, but had to roll back as it wouldn't work with my company's VPN. That machine has been imaged, and I'll need to image the laptop as well since there is no roll-back any longer. If I want to "try" it again in the future, at least I'll have a way out.

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