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I wouldn't say that DX12 is a reason to upgrade, at least not yet. Windows 10 has been out for a year now and there are very few DX12 games, those that do support DX12 also support DX10/11 and the performance difference is negligible in many cases unless you have an AMD graphics card.

Take up of Vulkan seems to be going well, Unity, Source2, id Engine, Unreal, Serious/CroEngine and others have support for Vulkan. Frostbyte will support Vulkan on some platforms.

If you're a developer and Vulkan support is built into the engine it would seem more sensible to support Vulkan as you can target Win7/8/8.1/10, Linux, Android and possibly MacOS, while with DX12 you only get the ~20% of Windows users with Windows 10 and Xbox one which is losing to the PS4. The Nintendo NX is also rumoured to support Vulkan.

Linux gaming has been accelerating fast since Valve started working on SteamOS and contributing to Vulkan, I think it will continue to a point where even EA, Activision and Ubi will start to include Vulkan/Linux support in their games.

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