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Re: They can't be a true patent troll until they quit making products

How do you prevent it though, without preventing those who are legitimately being screwed from getting satisfaction? If I invented and patented a way of increasing yield when fabbing silicon chips, I can hardly afford the billions required to build my own fab to take advantage of my invention. If TSMC read my patent, said "hey, that's a good idea" and started doing it, I need to have some legal recourse even though I don't make any products or use my patent in any way.

It is hard to separate that from someone who just observes where the market is going, files a patent for something that was being done on computers in the 90s and was patented again in the 2000s "on a mobile phone" and they now patent it being done "on smart glasses". The onus is on the patent examiners to boot stuff like that, but unfortunately congress ties their hands by not letting them set their own fees or utilize all their own revenue to hire more/better examiners. Because congress is full of lawyers, and patent disputes are lucrative for lawyers...

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