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Australia to spend a billion bucks and seven years on SAP project



Transform What?

To do what?

The observation that programs like this one are doomed to failure is spot on.

Many years ago I had a small consulting contract with a firm whose top level management had decided to convert their entire information management infrastructure to SAP. Their operational and technical managers were terrified. The statement I heard was that they had never heard of a SAP program that came in on time and didn't overrun significantly. From the comments on this article that apparently has not changed much.

Customers and the vendor are equally at fault. The customer for the brain dead presumption that IT can deliver a system that will do what they want it to do without real specifications as to what that might be. . . The vendors for perpetuating the myth that IT can do it regardless of what "it" is.

The Music Man had it right. "You gotta know the territory."

And an unrelated but pertinent observation. The appearance of the word "Transformation" in any title is a clear and unambiguous indicator that it is an exercise in pissing up a rope.

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