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In a previous life ...

I was asked to undertake a formal evaluation of SAP v Oracle v IBM for, I think, this very same project (all cloak and dagger at the time to avoid identifying the real recipient ... it involved administration of welfare for a large government).

I ran the likely contenders through the mill (formal evaluation, complete with custom categories and scoring, etc) and my conclusions on SAP were ... pretty much as as was pointed out above:

"... It's a bitch to implement, a swine to manage, a pig to train people on and it can become the worst nightmare when things go wrong. It's bloody expensive, inflexible, out dated, and an absolute bastard to work with."

... (although I didnt use those words ... and I stopped a little short of saying I hated it).

Ultimately, the end recipient of the research rejected the report because it placed SAP last rather than first. My reading of it all was that the decision had already made and changing course would involve a certain degree of "egg on face". Instead of rethinking, those who sponsored the research sought to discredit it and make it safe to ignore.

Ultimately - agree with the likely outcome discussed above. The end winners - lawyers, SIs, SAP, SAP contractors, etc. The end losers - the Australian People.

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