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some facts and one point of conjecture

- Ken Surplice is most definitely not the HPE Servers EMEA CEO - 5 seconds on google would tell you that.

- "Incredible, it's 2016 and iTanic is still around ... who is buying that, then ?" - People are still buying IBM Mainframes to - apparently people in enterprise IT don't throw everything away every 3 years - who knew?

- "It would be fascinating to know how Itanium applications will run on x86" - HP already have emulation technology called ARIES in HP-UX to let you run old PA-RISC binaries on IA64 - it's not much of a stretch to see some similar technology on Linux/x86 for IA64 binaries

- "HPUX and Itanium, the perfect illustration of how to spend a lot of money buying other companies and then cocking it up." - HP-UX was developed by HP, not bought from another company (although some technology from the Apollo workstation acquisiiton found its way in there, but that was a long time ago). Itanium was conceived in HP and then joint developed with Intel, again not bought in technology. There are other products that HP have bought in and then cocked up, but HP-UX/Itanium isn't one of them

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