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Something not quite unlike tea...

Tea is simple... yet so many get it so wrong.

Please forward these simple instructions to your hapless (now ex-) employee

Breakfast / Black Tea in a Mug:

1)Tea bag in2) Sugar / sweetener in (if you take it) 3) Freshly boiled water in *BREW* 4)Tea bag out 5)Milk in to taste (whilst still hot). Variant: Sugar may be added at other points in the process, but I prefer to have it dissolve entirely.

Breakfast / Black Tea in a Pot:

1) Warm TEA pot with hot water then empty (ideally) 2)Tea leaves / bag(s) into POT 3) Freshly boiled water into POT *BREW* 4) Tea leaves/bags out (or leave in for bitter 2nd cup) 5) Sugar into CUP 6) Milk in CUP 7) Pour tea from POT into CUP. Variant: Leave tea/milk and/or sugar out of cup for others to make their ideal cup at will.

Chai (Massala Chai):

1) Tea, Sugar, Spices, Water & Milk (~1/2 each, vary to taste) into saucepan/ chai pot. Brew carefully on low heat (to avoid milk spilling over the top) until strong. 2) Serve. Variant: Brew tea for a while before adding the milk for extra strong tea flavour.

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