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Milk IN the teapot: Innovation or abomination?


dear god what are we teaching the kids?

the only proper way to make tea is in a pint glass.

2 tea bags.

two sugars.

leave to steep until you remember that you started making a cup of tea. could be 5 minutes or sometimes 4 hours. shit ! i was making tea!

take out tea bags. scrape off tannins and other crap. put in microwave to heat to desired temperature.

THEN, and only then, do you add the milk.

the advantage of the pint glass is that

a) you can see exactly how much milk to put in as you can see the lovely colour change allt he way through the liquid column

b) it freaks people out because they assume the glass will explode when you put boling hot water in it.

c) it means you dont have to make tea as often as in a cup

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