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Christopher Slater-Walker

Not entirely on topic, but...

I'm i

on BT Infinity at home, but using a Cisco router rather than the HomeHub. I recently discovered that I've been IPv6 enabled, and configured the router accordingly to get the /56 delegated prefix. All well and good, or so I thought...

After a test reboot of the router, I find I get a different /56 prefix. It's not static.

I raise a complaint with BT, who tell me that there is no way they can do static addresses on domestic broadband. They can't even tell me if the IPv6 prefix will be static on a business-type connection. I'm waiting for them to find out. (The IPv4 address would definitely be static).

Since we're all supposed to be moving to a world with countless connected devices at home, at work and indeed everywhere. How will I be able to access my house controls etc. on IPv6 when I don't know what their address will be from one day to the next? I find this decision by BT to be incredibly stupid and short-sighted.

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