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The Virgin one, especially, pisses me off.

They're always holding conferences about it and saying how it's coming soon and nothing appears to the ordinary people.

I'm on a Virgin leased line at work - same. Not a single mention of it.

BT, I can understand. They're always behind the times. But Virgin have no excuse - DOCSIS 3 standardisation basically requires IPv6 compatibility. I get that even their own hubs might not be able to do anything, but there's no reason they can't pass the traffic through when in modem mode.

But without 6rd or DHCPv6 or similar, there's no way to get a native IPv6 and we're all still stuck on tunnel-based IPv6 which is like saying "Yeah, sure, you can get on the Internet - just let this other random third-party (that you're not paying and is usually based in the US) sniff all your traffic".

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