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Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

Actually, thank the big telcos

As much as I hate US big telcos, they are the reason that IPv6 works. I have yet to see a decent home or small business router that can work properly with IPv6 turned on. You fight your way through inconsistent terminology, auto-configure bugs for the subnet size, and numerous things that need a reboot for no good reason. You start wondering if "6rd" is pronounced as "turd." Then connections start timing out because somewhere in the 1000 miles between point A and B, the MTU is smaller than each side thinks it is. Auto-config puts your MAC address in the IP address, then another auto-config tool warns you that your MAC address is visible. Maybe router rules doesn't work for IPv6 so you have to disable IPv6 on everything that's not hardened against global access.

Plug in the big telco modem and IPv6 usually works.

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