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one of my ISPs is Hurricane electric (co-lo in fremont facility just a 1U server though I have a 3rd of a rack, power limits prevent me from using more though). They asked me if I wanted IPv6. I said...NOPE. don't need it. They did give me some IPv4 IPs, I think I got 6 or something (running vSphere on my server with a few VMs on it, also running an openbsd firewall inline in front of the VMs which does NAT for other VMs that don't have external IPs). I do like the 100meg unlimited connection I have with HE though, I proxy most of my HTTP/HTTPS traffic through the colo.

I see what you say about IPv6, but if I am going to play around with things I'll go play Fallout 4 or something, playing with IPv6 "just because" doesn't sound remotely fun or interesting to me.

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